Mothers day

  Mother’s Day falls in March along with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Therefore, there are three big celebrations of womanhood in the same month. Why is the British date for Mother’s Day, 25th March, different to the date celebrated everywhere else in the world? It is because apparently, 25th March is not … Read more

Valentines and Self Love

There are many myths about the origins of Valentine’s Day. In reality, Romans may be responsible for the name of this modern day of love. Emperor Claudius 11 executed two men – both named Valentine – on February 14 in the 3rd century AD. Their martyrdom was honoured by the Catholic church with a celebration … Read more

The effects of an extended lockdown

Covid masks 2021

The start of a new year usually evokes enthusiasm and positivity in us. However, this year has started out on a bad note with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over news headlines. It’s hard to stay upbeat when we are constantly reminded of the death rates rising exponentially. Not to mention with forever changing restrictions, all … Read more


Christmas can be a very difficult time of year for many people. There is so much going on around Christmas time from office parties to family gatherings. Please don’t assume that everyone is merry as some people will be suffering for different reasons. To name a few grief is more prominent at this time of … Read more

Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday is portrayed in the media as a happy joyous occasion & for a lot of people it is indeed a day to celebrate the love & appreciation we have for our mothers, step mothers & grandmothers. It can feel good to spend time with & buy presents for loved ones. It can also … Read more

Divorce Statistics

Divorce statistics Divorce can be a very traumatic experience for the couple & nuclear family. Divorce can cause pain to the extended family also. It is usually the extended family members & children that are the silent victims. In fact the massive ripple affect on the whole family during & after divorce is too big … Read more

Being Single on Valentines…

The media has a tendency to portray being single as something to commiserate. However finding yourself single could be something to celebrate. What is there to celebrate about being single you might ask yourself? Well it can be a time where you learn to love yourself. As a nation we tend to not know how … Read more


With Christmas & New Year behind us & Valentines Day just around the corner. I can’t help but think about all the people suffering from loneliness. Loneliness comes in all shapes & sizes depending on what the individual feels they are lacking in there life. A person maybe saddened by the loss of a partner … Read more


We all need to be loved & too love. There are many different types of love. The love you have for your family wont be the same love you have for your friends. The act of loving or not loving can cause inner turmoil, as we may love someone who does not love us in … Read more

Nothing Compares…

Today I want to talk to you about comparing ourselves & our lives to others. I’m sure this must be a natural human trait but it can cause us a lot of unnecessary pain & suffering. We don’t seem to compare ourselves to those less fortunate than us as this may inspire us to lend … Read more