Being Single on Valentines…

The media has a tendency to portray being single as something to commiserate. However finding yourself single could be something to celebrate. What is there to celebrate about being single you might ask yourself? Well it can be a time where you learn to love yourself.

As a nation we tend to not know how to love ourselves. It appears to be more common for people to doubt themselves. Well in counselling we at OSCS invite clients to honour, respect & cherish themselves. How is this done? Well u can love yourself everyday by doing special things for yourself such as having a bubbly soak in the bath tub, cooking your favourite meal, watching your favourite movie etc. It is not selfish to romance & love yourself.

If you can learn to love yourself then you will attract the right partner who love & cherish you also as they will be able to see your value from how you treat yourself. If you can’t love yourself & you seem to be attracting the wrong partners it would be worth speaking to a counsellor as there might be unresolved issues from your childhood that is playing out in adulthood. You deserve to be happy so pick up the phone & make a appointment with OSCS.