Sometimes couples don’t always see eye to eye and fall into the trap of arguing and holding onto resentments.
This can leave one or both parties feeling let down, hurt, confused and angry. It is good to talk to an unbiased non-judgmental third party.

Counselling can assist with helping you to see each other’s point of view with the aim of restoring harmony.
Counselling usually entails two separate appointments where the counsellor will meet with both parties separately to gain perspective of the difficulties you are experiencing within the relationship.

The next step is to arrange further appointments where all parties are present. The counsellor will gently guide the couple by explaining how they feel and what they do and don’t want from the relationship. Once the couple is discussing their difficulties with each other in a healthy fashion the counsellor may highlight and challenge discrepancies in there thinking and behaviour with the aim of assisting positive changes.

Overall couple counselling can be a very powerful tool to help with moving an unhappy relationship forwards where both parties can learn to communicate productively with each other. This should ultimately enable both parties to find happiness within the relationship.


You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone.