Divorce Statistics

Divorce statistics

Divorce can be a very traumatic experience for the couple & nuclear family. Divorce can cause pain to the extended family also. It is usually the extended family members & children that are the silent victims.

In fact the massive ripple affect on the whole family during & after divorce is too big a topic to cover in one blog. However I will highlight some of the main emotional issues. We will start at the point of assuming that the married couple were once happily married with good relationships with there extended family members.

There may have been happy times where both sides of the family got together to celebrate & bonds will be formed. Everyone has heard it said “ oh my son in law is like the son I never had “ & so forth. When the couple fall on hard times & start blaming each other for there shortcomings instead of loving each other.

The extended family can feel at a loss as how to react, do they keep quiet,take sides or speak of the opinions? All of the above can cause tension, stress, arguments & even rifts. This can all become a reality even before the divorce & not taking children into account.

When divorce is affecting a family it can help to talk to a therapist. You could seek out couple, individual or family therapy. Pick up the phone call OSCS & make a difference today.