Family Problems

Reasons for family counselling

  • disruption after separation or divorce or a new partner moving in
  • problems with step-family life
  • debt
  • problems with adolescents or older children
  • children leaving home
  • unwanted pregnancy.

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The familya��s complex and unspoken rules can cause confusion and misunderstanding, particularly when there are changes. When someone joins a family or when someone leaves or changes their position in it the structure is altered for other members. Changes within the group members, from child to adult or from wage-earner to unemployed, are felt by the others in different ways.

The interconnected set of relationships and how difference and change might be managed is central to family counselling. The logistics of getting all members along to participate in counselling poses difficulties, but it can be a satisfying and rewarding means to establish new and healthier way of relating. Not all members attend every session; couples counselling, youth work or individual counselling may follow and the family may meet later to discuss changes.