Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday is portrayed in the media as a happy joyous occasion & for a lot of people it is indeed a day to celebrate the love & appreciation we have for our mothers, step mothers & grandmothers. It can feel good to spend time with & buy presents for loved ones. It can also feel amazing to be a mother & be reminded of what a great job you are doing & how much you are needed & loved.

However it’s important to spare a thought for those among us that may be emotionally suffering for various reasons. Such as the loss of a mother, unable to become a mother or the loss of a child. People around us are suffering all the time & that pain is heightened on special occasions.

This pain increase can become almost unbearable. I invite all of you take time out of your busy schedules & ask yourself who out of my circle of friends, family or neighbour might be hurting today ? Who has lost a mother, grandmother or baby ? Go out of your way to drop them a call, text or meet up for a cup of coffee. Random acts of kindness go a long way in helping that person who maybe suffering in silence feel better, cared for & remembered. Being there for others also can increase our own flow of happiness so get out there spread the love & this coming Sunday & throughout the joy of spring.