Nothing Compares…

Today I want to talk to you about comparing ourselves & our lives to others. I’m sure this must be a natural human trait but it can cause us a lot of unnecessary pain & suffering. We don’t seem to compare ourselves to those less fortunate than us as this may inspire us to lend a hand or fill us with gratitude for what we do have.

I’m talking about how unconsciously we note everything going on around us & then compare. Social media & advertising also plays a massive part in robbing us of inner peace & contentment by giving us subliminal messages such as buy this & you will look & feel beautiful & if u look & feel beautiful you will have the perfect home & partner & so forth.

With a simple mindedness technique where you observe your thoughts on a daily basis you can recognise these negative traits & stop yourself from buying into them. Just by becoming aware of them it takes the power out of comparing. At this festive time where we are swamped with commercialism I invite you to take a stand for yourself & say I don’t need to look , be or have anything the same as the next person. I am enough & I choose to be happy 😃