I had long term counselling with Donna to discuss conception issues. I was going through a very difficult time and it was so refreshing to talk to someone who was not directly involved in my every day life. I met with Donna once a week and she created a safe place for me to explore my thoughts feelings and personal relationships. I looked forward to our sessions and benefited mentally and emotionally. Donna was able to assist me with seeing my difficulties from all angles which enabled me to explore my options. Our counselling sessions came to a natural end when i know longer needed therapy. I have referred Donna to friends family and work colleagues should they need counselling and I know I can return for more counselling in the future should I ever need it. Claire 2016


I met with Donna for face to face counselling for approximately one year to talk about abuse that I had experienced as a child and how it was affecting me in 20015. Reliving the pain was very difficult but worth putting it to rest. I found Donna to be patient kind and understanding. She never rushed me and gave me plenty of space to heal. I have now found peace and am looking forward to the rest of my life. I would strongly recommend counselling to anyone who is suffering with emotional turmoil. Sam 2015


I had brief therapy with Donna as I needed to talk about my failed marriage. I feel we resolved my conflict quite quickly as I came to realize that my marriage had been dead for a very long time and now that we could both get on with the rest of our lives. I experienced Donna to be warm and open.

Bob 2014


I had telephone counselling with Donna as I work long hours and it was great to be able to discuss my concerns in my lunch break. I felt I could express myself fully without the fear of being judged and it totally worked for me. I came to Donna confused and angry and ended up feeling motivated and determined to sort out my family issues which I can gladly say are all sorted now. Mark 2013


I did e counselling with Donna as I don’t drive and have young children. We were able to arrange a mutually convenient time for me to offload my stresses and strains of becoming a single parent. The whole experience was truly beneficial to my well being and assisted me with my coping in a very difficult situation.
Rosie 2012